A New Day is Coming!

And we are rising to meet it!

The Phoenix Birth Foundation seeks to improve mother-baby experiences and outcomes for Families of Color and the economically disadvataged through dynamic, community-based programs.

We actively and directly participate in addressing racial disparities in maternal and neonatal health. 

We want to connect and partner with you in bridging this gap.

To learn more about this critical health discrepancy, please read this Letter From Our Founder.

We also invite you to read about us, and our programs.  

Babies and Mothers of Color face increased health risks regardless of economic status or educational attainment.  

There are several ways that you can be part of the solution to this painful reality. Take action, in the way that works best for you.

Together we can throw-off the ropes that bind us and instead use them to pull ourselves up.


Take action

The world’s religions each contain one spiritual thread and these threads are always seeking each other, wanting to join. When all the threads are finally woven together they will form a rope that will pull us out of this dark cycle of history and into the next realm.
— Hopi Wisdom