Student midwives of color training program

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Midwifery care has clearly been shown to improve maternal outcomes. Therefore, training more midwives is an important part of the solution for the maternity healthcare crisis faced by Babies and Women of Color in The United States.  

Our Goals

  • To train students of Color to become Arizona Licensed Midwives and Certified Professional Midwives.

  • Support and provide culturally relevant frameworks. 

  • Support and guide the students in their creation, management and implementation of community health programs. 

  • To create a scholarship program to help cover student cost of books, equipment and testing.


Our Students

We are excited to announce that we have selected our first class of students! Congratulations to Che Phifer and Lakisa Muhammad!


Our board of education

It is our extreme pleasure to have these amazing women on board! They provide direct supportive services to the students and to the program. To learn move visit our Board of Education page.

Our On-Site Educators

Our students are fortunate to have two highly experienced and midwives to guide their clinical clinical training. To learn more, visit our On-Site Educators page.

Our Visiting Educators

We are excited to announce that our calendar of visiting educators is filling up! To learn more about these instrumental people, please visit our Visiting Educator page.


If you would like to support this project, please

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