Phase I application for The Student Midwife of Color Training Program

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This program is for Women of Color who want to be trained to become Certified Professional Midwives and Arizona Licensed Midwives. 

The core curriculum is based on the North American Registry of Midwives PEP process and Rules and Regulations for Arizona Midwives. 

It is arduous and complete. Students who avail themselves of the opportunities provided by this program will have everything they need to serve their communities with responsibility and respect. 

The program will also endeavor to assist in the purchase and payment of basic textbooks, basic equipments, additional certification courses and testing/licensing fees. 

To achieve the amount of training and education necessary to function as well-trained and responsible midwives, the student should anticipate spending 2-4 years in the program. 

They should also be able to committee the the program's expectations of the students. 



  • To give back to the community by serving minority communities

  • Connection and heritage with the women they will serve as licensed midwives

  • Reliable transportation

  • Reliable childcare if needed

  • Available for births 24-7-365

  • Ability to devote 5 hours* a week towards work exchange efforts

  • Ability to devote up to 10* hours a month towards community services 

  • Ability to commit to 10* or more hours a week for study

  • 25* hours, or more, a week for clinical rotations

  • Up to 60* additional hours a month to attend births and postpartum appointments

  • Extra hours and time, as needed, for additional training courses

  • To show up for all clinical and educational opportunities  

  • To turn assignments in a timely manner

  • To understand that being a student midwife is a job. This is not a school, this is an on-the-job training program


  • Cleaning

  • Cooking

  • Running errands

  • Office management 

  • Placenta crafting

  • Belly casting

  • Special client services

  • Home wellness visits

  • Client tours and consults


  • Managing client programs

  • Volunteering at free clinics, schools or other midwife offices

  • Hosting midwifery study groups

  • Managing baby-care booth at markets, events and festivals, 

  • Speaking at events and gatherings, 

  • Hosting/promoting midwifery events

*This represents 40 hours or more a week. Please consider whether this is realistic for you or not.

If this is realistic for you and if this is a journey that you are ready to take, please fill out this Phase I form. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to submit the Phase II form. 

Deadline for Phase II is September 15th, 2017. As of August 2017, classes are scheduled to begin the middle of October. 

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