Program expectation of students

  • To give back to the community by serving minority communities

  • Connection and heritage with the women they will serve as licensed midwives

  • Reliable transportation

  • Reliable childcare if needed

  • Available for births 24-7-365

  • Ability to devote 5 hours* a week towards work exchange efforts

  • Ability to devote up to 10* hours a month towards community services 

  • Ability to commit to 10* or more hours a week for study

  • 25* hours, or more, a week for clinical rotations

  • Up to 60* additional hours a month to attend births and postpartum appointments

  • Extra hours and time, as needed, for additional training courses

  • To show up for all clinical and educational opportunities  

  • To turn assignments in a timely manner

  • To understand that being a student midwife is a job. This is not a school, this is an on-the-job training program

*This represents 40 hours a week or more. Please consider whether this is realistic for you or not.

Work efforts

  • Cleaning

  • Cooking

  • Running errands

  • Office management 

  • Placenta crafting

  • Belly casting

  • Special client services

  • Home wellness visits

  • Client tours and consults

Community out-reach

  • Managing client programs

  • Volunteering at free clinics, schools or other midwife offices

  • Hosting midwifery study groups

  • Managing baby-care booth at markets, events and festivals, 

  • Speaking at events and gatherings, 

  • Hosting/promoting midwifery events