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We are are coordinating with local and national educators to provide our students with important and meaningful educational opportunities. 

Our first six months will include charting for midwives, CPR, neonatal resuscitation, billing for midwives, ultrasonography, herbology, STI screening, care of non-traditional family structures, public speaking and interview preparation.

We are deeply honored by these individuals for being willing to share their expertise and time with us.

If you are an educator and would be willing to share with us as well, please fill out our volunteer form. It would be our pleasure to host you.

October 2017


Hakima Tafunzi Payne

Adjunct nursing faculty at UMKC School of Nursing & Health Studies and Executive Director at Uzazi Village. 

November 2017

lisa perry.jpg

Lisa Perry

As a movement educator, Lisa’s primary focus is promoting whole body wellness and specializes in helping others gain an awareness of their postural habits and work toward healthier movement choices. She is an authorized Master Trainer for The SmartSpine© Academy and is able to conduct trainings combining Core Intelligence™


Denzil Soloman

President of Solomon Technology Labs and Founder of Sound Wave Imaging. 

December 2017

clottee Hammons.JPG

Clottee Hammons

Creative Director at Emancipation Arts and is an educator for the Arizona Caribbean Cultural Association.

January 2017


Merihelen Diaz Nuñez

Herbalist and owner of Tangled Root Botanicals. Merihelen is active in  her community and loves education people about alternative health.

February 2017


Kat Messenger 

Kat is relationship consultant at The Good Love Project, a performance artist and Owner of Gaia Holistics where she provides therapeutic massage. Kat is a powerful women's health emissary devoted to serving her community.

March 2017

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Kashuna Hopkins

Kashuna Hopkins owner of Favored Medical Billing, Founder of The Phoenix Birth Center, Founder of The Phoenix Birth Foundation.

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