What we do


We create and implement programs that address racism in healthcare outcomes and we invite others to join in our mission.

Birth outcomes are not isolated events. 

Environmental health, generational stress and community well-being all contribute to maternal and neonatal outcomes.

In fact, these factors are just as impactful as the clinical health of the mother.

The United States is facing a maternal and child health crisis.

Our women and young children are dying at a much higher rate than in other countries.

This crisis affects Women of Color at an alarming and unacceptable rate.

Solutions created to improve these outcomes cannot work unless they recognize two critical factors:

  • The overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination and disadvantage that they face, both nuanced and overt.

  • The importance of honoring their beauty and strengths.

We create and implement solutions with those attributes in mind.


What We've Achieved

We are in our formative stages and every day our list of accomplishments grows!

  • We're live! We got the website up. No small feat!
  • We are excited to announce that Certified Nurse Midwife, Roxanne Barnes has joined our staff
  • We established the educational board for the Student Midwives of Color program.
  • We created the Student Midwives of Color Program.
  • We received a grant from The Phoenix Birth Center to get the website up.
  • We initiated Taco Tuesday as a part of our Community entrepreneurship support program.  
  • We established a committee for our Music is Medicine program.
  • We found a team lead for the Soul-to-Soul program.
  • We created architecture for a unique model to combine social networking with education, social justice and parenting (a winning combination if ever there was one).
  • We established the Arizona Advanced Practice Midwife program.
  • We obtained 501(c)(3) status by the U.S Internal Revenue Service.

When you’re really passionate, you’re going to grab hold of every rope you see, and wrap them around your arms and legs to claw your way out.
— Viola Davis